Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Raquel's Birthday and Into SUMMER!!

Happy 22nd Birthday to me! Kyle took me to breakfast at Herm's in Logan and oh my gosh was their breakfast amazing!

Thank you to my amazing husband and family for spoiling me this year:)

We have been trying to make a habit of going to the gym more often..

Kyle's favorite thing to do: GOLF.

Kyle's golf ball collection! We might be good for a couple years..

Seriously Logan is gorgeous. This is our view from the golf course.
Happy Easter! Kyle and I had our first Easter together by ourselves and it was my first time making a ham:) We painted Easter eggs and did a Easter basket exchange. Such a great day to celebrate Christ's Resurrection. 

Oh, and Kyle gave me pink pepperspray in my Easter basket.. Ho-ray...

Kyle enjoys cleaning his clubs oh so much.

So Kyle gave me a food slicer for one of my birthday gifts.. and I was so enthused by it I may have chopped the top of my finger off. So not fun..

Kyle thought this was the funniest thing.. I see no resemblance :) 

I loved taking my little boyfriend with me to He Is We, the Ready Set, and Parachute concert at Utah state with all the other shouting 15 year olds.. K it was amazing!

Sunday walks with my love are the best. Oh ya.. and I got hair extensions:)

Kyle surprised me with a "Mother's Day" gift.. a skirt he saw me looking at in the store a couple days ago. I love him. 

We will not miss this dang train this summer while we're gone...

On my way to Arizona on a late flight. So excited!

I was so excited to do Summer Aston's Bridal hair for her wedding while I was down there. So much fun!

Happy Mother's Day to my best friend. 

Lovely mother and sister:

Birthday dinner with the family to celebrate Holly's 11th birthday! Wish Kyle could have came down here with us. He started his Internship with Goal Zero for the summer in Salt Lake so we couldn't be more thrilled!

My lovely sister Ari and I:

So happy for Summer and Tyler Fletcher who were sealed in the Mesa, AZ Temple. I miss all these girls so much!

These are Holly's fun cupcakes we made for her Birthday Party!

We went to Ari's dance concert and she did so amazing!

So excited to spend some time in St George with Kyle before he leaves again with Goal Zero. 

So excited Kyle is home!


Kyle and I went to sit the nieces and nephews one night, and we were bombarded upon arrival:)

K this picture is so tacky but I swear this lemonade is AMAZING you need to try it! 

Kyle and I tried a new restaurant called Settebello Pizzeria in Farmington it is probably my new favorite pizza place. In HEAVEN. Oh, and all their ingredients are imported from Italy along with their delicious sodas. Try it.  

Happy Fourth of July!

I may have decided to go back brunette. I missed my hair. 

One thing I will say that I love about golfing is being the designated golf cart driver! Woop woop!

Kyle brought me home authentic Italian noodles and spaghetti sauce so I made it for dinner for all of us one Sunday evening:)