Monday, May 21, 2012

Decorative Pillows FOR SALE

I am so excited about these new pillows I recently made. I found some of the perfect designer fabric for them and couldn't be happier about how they turned out. 

**** if any of you would like to purchase one contact me ASAP either through Facebook or at Thanks!
Large: Size 18x18
Medium: Size 16x16

Large Mint and Brown pillow with Ivory and Burlap ruffle

Medium Pink and Cream pillow with ruffle

Medium Ivory and Black Polka dot with bow

Medium Mustard with bow

Medium Blue and White Stripe with bow

Medium Mint with flower

Medium Grey with ruffle

Large Chevron

Mother's Day, Provo, Shooting, Tacos, Cakepops and more!

So I love Pinterest:) and one day I found this idea to make vintage bookmarks and thought it would be a great Mother's Day gift! On the right is what they turned out like:) Pretty fun!

Kyle and I drove down to Provo one day and stopped at Sammy's and bought a peanut butter chocolate cupcake shake.. sooo good!

While we were in Provo we also stopped by Jdawgs with Jessalyn! Cutest prego girl:)

So.. Not sure if I already put on here but Kyle recently bought a new pistol:) So we took it out for some balloon shooting! Way fun!

If you are ever in Salt Lake: Crown Burger definitely wins for having the best burger ever.

So there is a restaurant in Mesa AZ that has better Mexican food then anywhere else. My favorite dish there is by far their shrimp tacos. They are AMAZING! I have been trying to recreate that dish and I think I found it:)

First, in a bowl I put in some chopped/cubed pineapple (fresh would be the best but I just used canned). Then add some chopped cilantro, chopped red bell pepper, and lime juice. (I honestly am not sure how much of each I did but it just depends on how much of each you like:) I bought cooked shrimp from the store and just cooked it until hot over the stove in fresh lime juice. Then added the mixture in bowl to the shrimp to heat everything up. Walaa! Top mixture on TWO corn tortillas each then top with shredded mozzarella cheese and more lime juice. *You can't have too much fresh lime juice I promise:) I was in heaven when I made this! Seriously my new favorite dish! 

Cake Pops = AMAZING!

All you do is bake a cake (I used a Betty-Crocker funfetti cake), let it cool, crumble it up in a bowl, then add frosting just until it forms to a ball: Do not add too much frosting or it will make it wayyy too runny! I used about 2/3 of store-bought funfetti frosting. Roll into balls and place on a cookie sheet. Put in freezer for a minute or two while you decide what kind of dipping chocolate to use. I used white chocolate (Almond Bark brand) and also, after the chocolate is melted, pour in like a teaspoon of vegetable oil - this will help the chocolate coat better and not be so thick. Purchase lollypop sticks from Hobby Lobby. Dip the tip of each lollypop stick into the melted chocolate then place quickly into the top of each cake ball. Dipping the tip of the stick in chocolate first will allow the cake to hold on better. After each stick is placed in, put back in freezer for a minute or two. Then dip each cake pop into melted chocolate and immediately top with sprinkles, shredded chocolate, or whatever else because the chocolate coating dries VERY quick! You will notice when the chocolate mixture is cooling too much or the cakepops aren't so cold anymore when one starts to fall off the stick when dipping. Just stick the cookie sheet back in the freezer and heat the chocolate up more. After each is dipped you can eat right then! PS make sure you keep them in the fridge and not left out:) Enjoy!

Last but not least: my one goal this summer has been to plant tomatoes! I am soo excited! I just planted them today and tomorrow I am going to plant strawberries yum!